Toybob cats – the considerations

This is a followup up on the first post about the history behind Toybob cats in Europe.

I thought a bit about whether I should just continue breeding Burmese cats as I’ve been doing for decades or should I jump in to a new – a totaly new –almost not existing – breed, the Toybob.

I came to the conclusion that I had breed for so long that I should be able to do the very first hard and expensive work behind founding a new cat breed.
In the end of 1990 I was following an other old Burmese breeder WHO founded the Burmilla breed in Europe. Well she was a cat judge in FIFE and I am just a plain Burmese breeder. And then the fact that Dwarf cats will never be accepted in FIFE was in my thoughts as well. I saw how much Work it required and I could imagine how much Money it took too. I saw some of her F1 and F2 kittens being sold. They for sure looked funny, being a mix of a Chincilla persians and Burmese cats.
So what should I do?
I started writing to the breeder of the small size cats, Mila.
In my opening e-mail I descriped how I had been searching for years for small size cats or dwarf cats. I wrote how I work as a “senior” Burmese cat breeder and about my moral thoughts and ideas as well.
I got a kind e-mail back saying that she had heard about me and that I had a “world wide good reputation” Wow! I have never forgotten that sentence.
She even wrote that she would keep me in mind when she got a small size kitten. She never wrote dwarf cat. She just do not use that term.
I asked how long she thought that would take before she got a kitten for me. The answer was just “I don’t know”.
In other words I had to be patient. Well in fact I didn’t know of the Price of a Toybob – I didn’t dare asking. So I just started saving up money for the small cat on an account.


Small cats – dwarf cats?

I have been looking for small size cats since I got online way back in 1996 where I started surfing the internet searching for dwarf cats.
Not every day, not every month but now and then. I thought that with all mamals being able to produce dwarfs then there must be dwarf cats out there too.
Now you might think, what on earth should be so interesting about dwarf cats? Aren’t they just misfosters that shouldn’t exist? Well perhaps I didn’t know because I had not seen any back in 1996.

One day when I was searching for a Burmese stud to provide my Burmese cat breed with new bloodlines and fresh genes I came by Sacred spirit Burmese cattery in Idaho, USA. Beside Burmese cats they also breed Burmillas and Toybobs!
‘Toy’ means small when talking about dogs that much I know – Toypudles etc. So I was very eager when I entered the Toybob page.
And what did I see? Poor pictures of a siamese looking cat with round blue eyes. It was not possible to see any picture where I could compare the size of a Toybob with another cat a Burmese for example.
But the description was clear. Here they had a very rare breed called Toybobs that originated from Russia. The Sacred spirit breeder Mila is Russian her self but now living in USA.

Now enough for to day I will continue the story about my Toybob cat in the following post…