Toybob cats – the considerations

This is a followup up on the first post about the history behind Toybob cats in Europe.

I thought a bit about whether I should just continue breeding Burmese cats as I’ve been doing for decades or should I jump in to a new – a totaly new –almost not existing – breed, the Toybob.

I came to the conclusion that I had breed for so long that I should be able to do the very first hard and expensive work behind founding a new cat breed.
In the end of 1990 I was following an other old Burmese breeder WHO founded the Burmilla breed in Europe. Well she was a cat judge in FIFE and I am just a plain Burmese breeder. And then the fact that Dwarf cats will never be accepted in FIFE was in my thoughts as well. I saw how much Work it required and I could imagine how much Money it took too. I saw some of her F1 and F2 kittens being sold. They for sure looked funny, being a mix of a Chincilla persians and Burmese cats.
So what should I do?
I started writing to the breeder of the small size cats, Mila.
In my opening e-mail I descriped how I had been searching for years for small size cats or dwarf cats. I wrote how I work as a “senior” Burmese cat breeder and about my moral thoughts and ideas as well.
I got a kind e-mail back saying that she had heard about me and that I had a “world wide good reputation” Wow! I have never forgotten that sentence.
She even wrote that she would keep me in mind when she got a small size kitten. She never wrote dwarf cat. She just do not use that term.
I asked how long she thought that would take before she got a kitten for me. The answer was just “I don’t know”.
In other words I had to be patient. Well in fact I didn’t know of the Price of a Toybob – I didn’t dare asking. So I just started saving up money for the small cat on an account.